What to do after 12th? Science!!!

What to do after 12th? Science!!!

Confusion Confusion?? What to do after 12th ?

Before 12th life is so easy. No? You will understand when you’ll go to college. So, Science?? Nice. You have a basic knowledge of Physics, chemistry and Maths or Biology. Yeah, that’s basic only. Now you need to learn more and more. So What I will suggest is to take a deep breathe and understand what you like and which subject you are good at. Once you will understand, you can easily decide your goals.  You know those days are gone when you only had few choices, engineer or doctor or prepare for government jobs. Now there are so many jobs and so many fields out there, which you should explore according to your choice.

Some of the choices I am writing about, if any of them make you feel that, Yes, this is something which I want to do in life, then the aim of me writing this blog will be successful:

1. Engineering:

Of course engineering is a good option. If you like any of these subjects physics or chemistry or mathematics or biology very much and want to make products in future then engineering is your path. In engineering, many branches are there. You can check:

 1. Physics (Mechanics, Optics, and Thermo):

Boys mainly tend to like Physics, as far as I have seen. So if he likes physics, and mainly part that I’ve described above, he can choose Mechanical, Civil. Both branches are good for a stable life. In start it’s tough but once you get settled, It’s the best. Haven’t you heard about PWD engineers??

2. Physics (electro stat, magneto stat):

If he likes this part of physics more than the branches are ECE, Electrical and EEE.

3. Chemistry and Biology:

If he likes working in wet labs then Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology are best options. There are plenty of opportunities in India or abroad for research.

4. Computers:

Of course if he likes computers and is good at it. If he likes computer language and likes to code then CSE and IT are best. They offer good packages in the beginning and growth is really good.

Wondering why I did not add Maths? Because no matter what branch you choose maths will never leave you.

2. B.Sc.:

If you want to make your future in research then you can opt for B.Sc. from a good college or university can lead you to very good positions such as professor, scientists etc. Do you know H C Verma? Yeah the one whose “concepts of physics” is Geeta for JEE aspirants. He is not an engineer. He has done his B.Sc (hons) in Physics from Patna University. Amazed??

3. BCA:

BCA is acronym for Bachelor of Computer Applications. So if your interest was always in computers and like to work on languages like C/ JAVA/C++ then BCA is a great choice for you. After BCA, for better placement you’ll have to do MCA and then you have secure your career. I have seen MCA students getting package of 60 LPA from NITs. So, isn’t it a good choice?


Want to make your future is management?? Then you should choose BBA or BMS. They stand for Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Management Studies. After BBA it is always preferred to go for an MBA. That will ensure your chances to get a really good job. In BBA you will learn basic concepts of marketing, sales, accounts and finance. That will always be a plus point when you’ll apply for MBA in future.

5. BHM:

BHM stands for Bachelor of Hotel Management. A diploma or degree in BHM will get you a job in hotels and organizations such as NGO or travel agencies. So, if working in hotel makes you feel something you want to do. Then this is your field. You can become Chef or you can become steward (believe me earning is very good)

6. Law courses:

If you like to argue and always want to make your point. Believe me you will love to do this job.  Pursuing law courses does not mean that you have to become an advocate, you can become legal adviser or investment banker. The pay is really great in this field. You just have to appear for CLAT. It is a test conducted all over India. The test consists of legal aptitude, verbal, GK, logical reasoning and elementary maths.

These are few courses which I have discussed for Science students. There are many other courses which can be opted out by them. I will be discussing them in my next blog.

What to do after 12th (Humanities).

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