Tips for CSE students to get a big job!!

Tips for CSE students to get a big job!!

Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology are the top and most opted branch by the students. The main reason behind this is a huge job vacancies in this sector and really good money. But, believe me to get all those luxuries and perks, one has to work really hard. So there are few points which one should follow for getting their dream jobs:

  1. You have already learnt basics in your 1st year and 2nd year. Now all you need is to apply what you’ve learnt till now.
  2. If you haven’t started doing competitive coding then start doing it (I am assuming that you are talking about coding based jobs). There are number of sites are there where you can start it like Code Chef, Hacker Earth etc.
  3. With this start improving your concepts on the topics. Read textbooks referred by your professors or seniors who have got placed in good companies.
  4. You can follow Geeks for Geeks too. Plenty of questions are asked from there in placement papers.
  5. You can solve last year’s placement papers questions. From there you will get the idea which company asks what!
  6. Improve your aptitude, logical reasoning and Data interpretation skills. By solving questions in it. You can actually follow any CAT preparation material for this purpose. That will not only help you to cross aptitude test in placements but also increase your ability to crack the code.

Now you have a whole one year. Use it efficiently, Make goals for every week and make sure that you are achieving them.

All the best to you. Work hard and nothing can stop you to achieve what you deserve.

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