National Instruments – NIyantra 2015

National Instruments – NIyantra 2015 

The extravaganza of technology and innovation came to a single platform on NIDays 2015, the national level conference on software defined systems in test, measurement and control hosted by National Instruments on 19 November, 2015 at The Leela Palace Bangalore.

Freshersworld associated with National Instruments for the third consecutive year for promoting NIyantra 2015 – The Annual Graphical System Design Contest for Engineering students. This is an opportunity for engineering students to solve challenging real world problems and get rewarded for it. Freshersworld was the Campus Connect partner to reach out to students and colleges community through direct emails to students, TPO/HOD mailers and sending over 2000+ posters to individual campuses across India. We were happy to receive the overwhelming response from the colleges for participating in the event.

NIYANTRA finalists have been shortlisted through multiple submissions of abstracts, progress reports, viva and videos. All the NIYANTRA shortlisted teams received training on National Instruments software and tool of which “The Scavenger Bot “  from VJIT College and “ The Smart Bin ” from Ajay Kumar Garg college shared the first place and rightfully deserving too. The “ Smart Tennis Tutor” by Kumaraguru College of Technology college came as the runnersup. Live projects were displayed on the day where the winners were able to chat with some of the brilliant minds in the Technological Industry.

Marketing Team for NIyantra expressed “We extend our appreciation and are grateful to to help make our contest a huge success. We are looking forward to many more associations with in the future“, which we consider as a valuable comment for our services offered to National Instruments.

NIyantra is a prestigious competition held every year by National Instruments and we would like the colleges to have the students participating wherein the academics are put into real life projects.

The Smart Bin …Watch Video

Smart Bin 3 Smart Bin 2 Smart Bin 1

The Scavenger Bot …  Watch Video

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