8 Tips To Organize Your Studies and Sort Your Life

We spend so much time thinking about what to do, instead of doing what we want in the first place.

Why can’t we stop being unsure of what to study and just start acting on it? It’s never too late to organize your time!

Of course, life is going to get in your way – but hey, plan for it! Scheduling beforehand is much-needed, but we don’t do it out of our sheer laziness. At the end of the day, keep your goals realistic and manageable.


Finding time in your calendar is key. Start scheduling your homework, jot down the topics you need to study and every important task in your calendar. Doing this gives you an overview of what you have to complete each day and you will be updated with what’s coming the next day.


It’s totally okay to spend time on Facebook or Instagram but you need to know how much time you’re using each application. Never be a slave for social media. Online life is only going to waste your time unless you’re using these apps for the right purpose such as studying or gathering useful information.


No, not all the time. Breaks don’t mean you have all the time in this world to have fun. You need to start studying and when you feel tired, its time for a 10-minute break but hey, you cant use this break every half an hour. Use breaks to soothe your mind for a bit and then get back to studying.


We know what you’re thinking about. No. Having fun with your friends is not group study. First, find the right group of people to study. Discussing studies with your friends will give you a boost and an overall idea of what you have to study,  and this works especially during exams when you can revise and solve question papers together.


Study routines act as saviours for students all around the world. Decide a time on when you will start studying in the morning and then make sure you study for a minimum of 3-4 hours before you take a break, which brings you to the second session of study, which takes place in the evening. Using this routine, you can make sure you are studying for a minimum of 6 hours every day, morning and evening.


Drinking two liters of water a day and having a proper sleep schedule will drastically improve your focus and ability to concentrate. After all, you have your calendar which gives you an overview of what you have to do in a day. Or the next day. This way you’re making sure that you’re sorted in studies as well as life.


This is the most satisfying part. After you’re done with each work, take a marker and strike off the work you’ve done on your calendar. This way, you’ll see the work you’ve done, which results in you being so proud of yourself and this drives you to be more organized in studies, without a doubt.


When you know you’ve done enough for the day, its time to reward yourself. Buy yourself a bar of chocolate, play games, socialize with your friends and stay happy. At the end of the day, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

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