How to crack your first job interview as a fresher?

Know about the company

Know about the company where you are appearing for the interview. Study their history, vision and objectives so that you are able to answer questions on it.

Read the job description carefully

Read the job description carefully. It is important to understand what is expected from you and whether you fit in that given profile or not. Analyzing your personal strengths and weakness alongside helps in deciding how well the job suits you and how to approach the interview.

Be prepared for basic questions

You must be prepared for the basic interview questions. Make a list of common interview questions – like your introduction, your hobbies, your interests, why should they hire you, etc. Practice them well before your interview and try to make them interesting! So be confident in your approach while you tell them about yourself.

Demonstrate confidence while introducing yourself

Almost every interviewer starts interviewing candidates with the question “Tell me about you.” And, the interviewer begins to observe the confidence, communication skill, and body language of the candidates when they start talking. They make an appointment when they find a confident candidate. But, when a candidate lacks confidence they reject him/her. So, when replying this question in a job interview, be confident, clear, and composed. It would help you to crack the job interview.

Update your Resume

Your Resume is the most important document which tells about you to the firm. Keep it updated by adding all your skills and experiences. You must not fake information in your resume.

Don’t lie in a job interview                                                

There would be no chance for your selection if you’re caught lying in a job interview. So, don’t think your interviewer can’t catch your lies. He/she has interviewed many candidates before and can easily catch if there is anything fishy in the facts that you have mentioned in your resume. So, be honest while giving facts about you.

Body language

You are noticed in every way and thus body language has a significant weightage during interviews. Do not slouch. Sit straight and make eye contacts during conversations. Make it a two-way conversation by asking questions and clarifying your doubts (if you have any).

Ask for feedback at the end of Interview

Before the interview closes, ask for feedback from interviewer irrespective how your interview went. It gives very positive impression about candidate. The organization feels that candidate has a positive attitude & is willing to accept feedback.

Always be willing to learn

It’s okay if you don’t have knowledge of certain things. But, it isn’t right if you don’t have the curiosity to learn new things. And, it’s one of the personality traits that an interviewer wants to see in a candidate. So, if you don’t know about something the interviewer asks about, show curiosity to learn about that. It would help you to build your image as an active learner that could pave your way to success.

Dress formally while going for an interview

Your appearance won’t take time to impress a person sitting in front of you. And once a person builds a negative opinion about you, it could be difficult for you to change his mind; especially if he is heading the hiring process of a corporate company. So, don’t leave any ground open that can breed negative thoughts. And, pick out a formal dress for your job interview. It would build your professional image, which could be helpful in cracking a job interview.

Don’t get nervous

More than anything else, it’s the anxiety that ruins most interviews. Just before entering the room, take a few deep breaths and relax your nerves.

Thank You Mail

Whether or not you are hired, make sure you send the employer a thank you mail after the interview telling them how glad you are to get this opportunity and how you hope to get selected for the same. So get going and all the best for your job interview preparation!

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