Everything You Need to Know About Interview Group Discussion at 2020

A group discussion, as it is properly known, judges the personality of a person. It assesses the behavioral traits in a person his or her leadership skills, social skill, team skill, problem-solving skill, and presence of mind.

 If we analyze the words – group and discussion, group means a number of individuals who may or may not have interacted before. Discussion means exchanging information on a certain topic and coming (or not coming) to a concrete conclusion.


The group usually consists of 6 to 12 members. They are given a topic and a few minutes to prepare. And then they are called to begin the discussion. The duration of the GD will vary from institution or organization. For each candidate, an assessor may be assigned. Usually, an assessor looks at two of these candidates. They will be watching each candidate’s every move. 


There are no specific rules to prepare for a GD. However, below are a few points that a person can keep in mind preparing for a GD. 


Stock yourself with information before attending a group discussion such as

Current affairs

Historical topics

Sports, Arts & Literature

Data crunching



Understand the topic: 

Learn the topic clearly. If you are not clear or you have doubts regarding the topic, ask again immediately, and clarify the topic. It is of utmost importance to ensure that you perform well In the GD. 

Precise and sharp thoughts: 

As you are gathering thoughts, stick to precise and concise thoughts. When you are communicating, it’s important to realize what you are communicating rather than how much you are communicating In a group discussion. it is always about quality. Try to do think outside the box, so that your views would stand out from the rest.

Communicating your view: 

You may have excellent views on the topic, but are you able to communicate in an effective manner? This is where your communication skills will come to your rescue. Communication comes with practice and you should try your best to converse in English, wherever you go.

Taking the initiative: 

Try to initiate the group discussion if possible. By taking an initiative, this will exhibit your quality as a person. This way, it is more likely for you to bag the job, thereby eliminating all the other competitors looking for the same job.

Knowledge about the topic:

 When you are speaking on the topic, choose your points in a manner that they convey the depth of knowledge that you possess. 


  • Be confident but avoid being overconfident.
  • Listen carefully and speak only at the appropriate time.
  • Be very sure of what you are talking about.
  • Use easy – to – understand English.
  • Speak loudly and clearly.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be diverted by other people’s points.
  • If you don’t have an idea about it, do not speak on it.
  • Try to contribute throughout the discussion. 
  • Be active/smart throughout the session.  

Last but not the least, mentally visualize yourself as succeeding and you will succeed. Good Luck!

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