Case Study- How a prominent Consultancy in Bangalore was able to get 5X faster results with Freshersworld Database Package


A prominent consultancy in Bangalore hiring for MNC BPO was facing issue with entry level requirements. The client of the consultancy had 200 vacancies for call centre executives. The salary was less and it was important for the client that the candidates should be from locations which are nearby to their office. The consultancy was using the database of a popular job portal for this requirement and was not able to close it. While the database quality of the leading job portals in India is good for lateral hiring but it fails miserably when it comes to entry-level requirement.

Problem Analysis-

The main problem faced by job portals is the lack of quality jobs for entry-level candidates (0-2 years). As a result, candidates are left without an option and don’t register on these portals. Also, due to an overworked sales team, the job portals have data that has been used and abused over several years thereby making it obsolete. The constant calls from anyone ranging from a credit card agency to training agency and “con” job placement agents, make the candidates wary of receiving calls or responding to mails send by genuine consultants and companies. Given the fact that 70-80% of requirements with consultants come from companies looking for entry-level graduates, it is a real waste of time, effort and money to spend on such job portals.

Solution Provided-

Fresherworld was launched 6 years back to solve the problem of Entry-level hiring. We have grown leaps and bounds in our efforts to build a job portal dedicated to entry-level candidates from all qualifications. Recently, we have also crossed 1 Crore resumes on our portal (Read “The Hindu” coverage HERE).  Also, our database is 75% unique compared to all other job portals which means more candidates responding to your job opening. The jobs posted on our job portal ranges from large MNC’s hiring freshers to SME’s and consultants. And, since candidates see job matching their profile on our portal, the recall percentage on our website is also huge. 60-70% of all visitors on our website are returning users and we receive an average of 200 applications on all our jobs. Also, we receive 3 Lakh registrations every month.

Hyper-local candidate search came as a solution for the client. We are the only job portal in India with the option to choose candidates near to the job location. This makes a whole lot of difference for many clients who offer entry-level salaries.

The consultancy opted for a database package with 1 year validity.



The consultancy was able to close 120 positions by using our portal within the first month itself. The remaining is under process and will be closed within a few days. The excellent feedback provided by the client has helped us to pitch our products better and also improve on some aspects.

Are you looking for database package to close your next big client requirement? Count on our database to do it for you! Get in touch with us on to get the best price.

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