Attention! Campus Ambassadors of, goodies will reach you soon..

Hey Campus Ambassadors of, I’m sure you all are eagerly awaiting your goodies and freebies.

Bagpacks for CA's

As we were very busy for the past 30 days finalising things relating to campus ambassadors, this thing got delayed a little bit, but now no more waiting, as your Campus Ambassador Kit will be reaching you very soon.

Our team is working hard to finalise the mailing addresses of Campus Ambassadors from across India. It’s certainlky not an easy task because we have received huge response from across India.

Business Cards for CA's

ID Cards for CA's


T-shirts for CA's

Freshersworld team working hard

Guys, I have already come up with a detailed blog that recruiters and employers do online background searches on their candidates to learn more about them.

I’m stressing again that this will be the future trend of hiring candidates. Guys, has built a perfect platform for you. You can create a community, start your own blog, start discussions and netwrok with friends from other colleges across India. Isn’t this a great platform to build your online presence and that too effectively?

This is not only for Campus Ambassadors of but every user who creates a profile on the site, can avail these features and build his or her online presence.

Guys, we are coming up with some exciting prizes and recognition for all users who build their online presence by creating a useful community, an informative blog or start useful discussions.

P.S: For campus Ambassadors, we will be releasing the list of top performers in communities, blogs, and discussions soon. So, keep checking  this space.

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