1000 Facebook fans and counting for freshersword.com

Facebook fan page of Freshersworld

Freshersworld.com has finally reached 1000 fans on Facebook and we have learned that having a fan page can be very valuable. It will not only allow us to interact with our fans, but it will also help us get to know them on a personal level.

Facebook fanpage stats of freshersworld

By analyzing the stats above, We learned that:

1.The majority of our fans are males. Roughly 82% of them are males and if we want to start attracting female fans we have to write more content on our fan page and blogs that is targeted towards females.

2.Although the majority of our fans are males, a good percentage of females also interact on our fan page.

3.Most of our fans are in the age range of 18 to 24.

4. Although a lot of fans are from the India, it seems that a good portion of them are from United States and other countires as well.

And as for the next step for us, We are going to try and grow our fan page to 10,000 people.

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