Are you planning for further studies? – Most Common Interview Question

Well! You guys might be wondering why the interviewer is asking you such a question which can nowhere judge you either on your technical skill or your ability to work.

It’s simple!

The interviewer asks this question for a graduate fresher, who is ought to pursue a higher degree. So, the interviewer is in a fear of attrition to hire you though he is completely convinced with your skill. Now, it’s your turn to convince him that he can give you an opportunity to prove yourself and this can be done if you can effectively answer the question: Are you planning for further studies.

It is recommended to be fair and transparent while answering this question. Do construct your answer with effective sentences that the interviewer would like to hear. But also keep in mind that employers aren’t interested in candidates who plan on staying short-term when hiring for many permanent positions, so respond accordingly.

If you are really not planning for any further studies, you can say something like: No, I have no plans for higher studies. I’m looking to start my career and progress it with a solid organization. I’m interested in gaining work experience.

You can add one more powerful sentence to make it more impressive. That is, “I am confident that I can prove my talent with my degree which I possess” That should do! Now, in case you are actually planning to go for further studies, beautify your sentences and say something like: I may look into further studies, but not just yet. I would like to first work with my degree and in case I see the need to pursue a higher degree for my career growth I would plan to take it up probably after 3 to 4 years from now. This is one of the best ways to answer this question and create a good impression. Good luck folks.

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