9 signs that you will remain friends with your college buddies forever

1) You can’t get enough of them

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You wake up and you think about them. You go to college and make a plan. You skip classes, do a lot of masti, roam around the city on your bikes and feel sad when you part, even if it’s for a night. You want to be around them all the time. You want to look like your friends, and sound like them. It’s crazy how crazy we can get around college friends

2) He/she knows all your secrets


They know all your secrets. You trust them completely and hence, have poured out your heart out to hear. The person knows what you have been through and what  you are going through now. He/she is not just your best friend but also your lifelong companion. You know that he/she will also be there for you. You trust her and cannot hear a word against that special friend.

3) You complete each other’s sentences

You love each other so much and are so used to each other, that you often end up completing each other’s sentences. You don’t need to be asked; it’s an impulsive reaction. People are amazed at how close you are to each other. You are sorority sisters, best friends, secret keepers of each other. You only need your friends to have fun to enjoy, to unwind and to relax

4) You don’t care about those who are not your friends


Well, college is synonymous with fun and excitement. And well, fun and excitement for you, is your friends. You hardly talk to anyone apart from your friends. You like your friends so much that you don’t care if nobody else was present. They are your world.

5) Partners in Crime


Society judges you, your family judges you, your girlfriend/boyfriend judges you but not your college friends. You can be crazy around them, or silent as a rock, they won’t judge you. You will most likely end doing crazy things with them, for them to judge you

6) Sharing your first beer

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It is with your college friends that you have shared your first beer with. Coming from school, when you were anti-alcohol, college friends are the ones who introduced you to alcohol. You cannot break away from the person who shared your bottle of beer

7) If you are new to town, they will help you

It’s hard to be a different city, but your friends will make you feel at ease. You will be shown around the city and your friends will try their best to ensure that you feel at home

8) If they have covered you with a proxy, they will cover you for life


Proxy is something all friends do for each other. If they have your back covered during college, you can damn ensure that they will have your back covered after college as well.

9) They are your copy mates

number 9

Friends always allow you to copy. Exam is a great place for co-operation

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