How to Post a Job Efficiently?

Posting a job online is predominantly the first step in any recruitment process, which could drive the complete process till the time the position is closed without much effort, if posted in the right way. It is quite a crucial part because any candidate’s first encounter with your requirement is through the job details posted. It is almost figurative to a building foundation, where, better the foundation, safer is the complete structure. Similarly, the recruitment process is smoother and effective if job posting is accomplished well. provides recruiters with the easiest yet highly effective platform to post a job. There are few guidelines you could follow to post jobs rightly and get better responses from candidates. Job postings are subjected to manual approval process at and thus it gets mandatory for recruiters to post jobs with candid expectations & requirements.

Following are some tips for you to place a valid job posting in order to get approved and ensure immediate responses to fill your vacancies easily:

1. Use official email ID to post a job
Email IDs are not only mediums of contact but significant indicators of genuineness. Freshersworld makes it a point to filter spam/irrelevant job postings to ensure overall quality. Thus make sure you always use your official email ID (preferably with company domain Ex: while posting jobs.

2. Enter the precise Designation of the role
Designations are important to reach the right candidates. Keep designation names simple and precise that would enable relevant candidates to clutch onto your posting while quickly glancing through hundreds of job postings on the portal.

3. Eligibility criteria should match Job role
Doesn’t it sound weird when Job role is Territory Sales Manager and eligibility criteria is 0-1 yrs in experience OR when role is Junior Accountant and qualification for eligibility is BE/B.Tech? These are blaring instances of irrelevance when job posts would be directly rejected. We at Freshersworld scrutinize postings to avoid small irrelevances too to ensure quality. Thus keep your eligibility criteria matching the job role you intend to recruit for.

4. Use skill sets suggested by system platform has a suggestive complete prelisted set of skills available in the console. Selecting suitable required skillsets from the list while posting the job is highly recommended instead of entering the skill’s name. This will help the system tag the job posting to corresponding standard skillsets to reach candidates and procure highly relevant responses.

5. Job details should be clear and candid
Keeping the job details simple, clear and candid will make your job listing more effective. A crystal clear job description can assist every candidate to decide whether he/she will fit into your role requirement or not. Self-filtering of irrelevant candidates happens here right-away and you can save time by not spending too much time on irrelevant aspirants.

6. Do not mention walk-in or contact details in Job description
Job descriptions are supposed to convey sufficient information about the job and its related KRAs. When such descriptions make sense to candidates, job posters get their expected response. Thus, refraining from specifying any contact details like email ID/ phone number/ walk-in details in job descriptions is important because the mere intent of it takes a hit if done otherwise.

7. Mention offered salary package properly
Salary offered is a constituent that is of crucial importance in any job posting. Recruiters generally make a mistake while entering the CTC. For example, 5 Lacs / annum would be accidentally mentioned as 5 Lacs / month. Also, vice versa is equally bad. Job postings with such blaring mistakes are not approved. Thus a slightly additional carefulness is required while entering salary packages during job posting.

8. Specify company details in the dedicated section
Company details such as name, logo, description, website URL should be specified in the exclusive company detail section provided which will increase the sense of trust in the candidates. However, such company details should not be entered in any other irrelevant sections such as job description. Doing so will force the job post to be put on hold by the post approval team. Candidates go through the “Company details” section to get a fair idea about the company and understand more. This will be the ideal field to highlight your company achievements concisely and persuade candidates to apply on the job posting.

The job posting approval is a vital process carried out to ensure complete quality assurance in jobs viewed and applied by candidates. The above mentioned points should help you in posting jobs at that get approved easily which will specially add immense value while posted with your hot job packages.

Happy job posting!!

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