How To Catch the Attention Of LinkedIn Recruiters Instantly

Graduation season is here and here we are posting our resumes on the internet looking for jobs, but in vain. Nothing seems to be working, but there’s something that you can use to your blessing – LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has revolutionized the recruiting world and made it easier than ever to reach out to job candidates directly. With millions of recruiters on LinkedIn, this is the best news for most job seekers.

Here are a couple of ways that your profile can be noted in the social world such as LinkedIn –

  1. FILL IN YOUR DETAILS RIGHT – A well made Linkedin profile is 5x easier for recruiters to find your profile. In order to do that, you have to make sure that you’re doing everything right, from adding your summary to finishing up your work experiences page.
  2. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE PICTURE – You are required to put up a professional picture so that recruiters know that you’ve taken job-seeking seriously and you’re here to seize the perfect opportunity, so suit up.
  3. EYE-CATCHING HEADLINE – Make sure that your profile headline, located below your name is done right- this is the best place to show-off to your recruiter that you’ve studied in a prestigious institution or even show that you have experience from a company.
  4. MAKE THE PERFECT SUMMARY – Your summary shouldn’t be boring and monotonous. Recruiters check your summary first thing when they open your profile and a well put-up summary will impress them in the first 10-15 seconds. This is going to decide your personality and work ethics, hence helping them shortlist you for potential jobs.
  5. ADD YOUR FRIENDS, CO-WORKERS, ACQUAINTANCES – Try to make sure that you connect with people as much as you can through LinkedIn, even if they are from the past or the present so that you can gather as much information you need about the other person with ease. In this way, it will be easier for you to look for job opportunities and you can ask them to refer you to their company.
  6. LIKE, COMMENT, ENGAGE – Be up-to-date with news by going through your LinkedIn feed, scroll, engage, like posts and comment on them so that recruiters can recognize you and click your profile. This will give you an increased chance of recruiters checking your profile out.
  7. RECOMMENDATIONS AND ENDORSEMENTS – In your profile, there is a section where your colleagues can endorse and commend on the work you’ve done, such as your projects or even work done at your previous company. This is important because recruiters check whether you outperform people in your previous work place and it’s a huge plus if you have tons of recommendations.

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