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campus ambassador Programe

An Initiative from to identify the go-getters from campus who can bridge bridge between College and Corporate. With over 3000 colleges connected and a quarter million students visiting our websites our previous endeavors in Campus Ambassadorship has been a huge success, and we intend to carry out in a much vigorous manner this academic year with the same overwhelming support from the students community and colleges across India.

Final year or pre- final year students with a shoulder to bear the responsibilities and a cool head and we really don’t want him to have aphonia for sure, is welcomed to apply for representing the college and even we recommend the placement officers to refer us the ideal representatives from the campus.

A series of corporate events awaits the Campus Ambassador to schedule, interspect, co-ordinate and can create his/her own events with Freshersworld’s support which will give the students knowledge and experience opened from a wider arena. This will include campus events of our associated clients, free assessment tests, webinars, technical events etc…

The CA’s will be duly awarded with recognition for the efforts as they step from one activity to the next with the same enthusiasm as they have shown @ the start. This wont be a one day shot and will be a continuing process for the betterment of him as a person and to deliver something of quality for the students.
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