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” Recruit Quality Candidates with less effort, time and Cost “

The world is now moving in fingertips and there is enough speculation on, whether the next generation will be able to write the notes or type them. With the largest pool of youth available in the world market, now India is one of the hottest hubs for all MNCs and also considering the hike in the number of start-ups across the Nation, the leading online recruitment portal for freshers (entry level graduates) is launching FORT – Freshersworld Online Recruitment Tool. The focus point here is onthe recruitment of freshers, either directly from campus or within a year’s time, after the final exams. We hope to suffice the recruiter’s need for a scalable assessment solution to acquire diverse talents with minimal efforts and time through FORT.

Pen and Paper tests and OMR assessments are becoming old fashioned and considered to be inconvenient nowadays. As the recruitments are not restricted to a particular location and is diverse in every aspect which is not easily met by the HR-Team, also it is physically difficult to carry the entire Question Papers and Answer Sheets to and fro to all the location. Also not to forget the efforts that has to be done to compile the entire data from the job applicant to the on-boarding of the candidate” says Joby Joseph, CEO

FORT– an intelligent system by itself  has excelled by a lot of trial and error methods and through valuable comments and expertise from HRs in various verticals that we have exclusively served over the years. It enables the HR to be rooted to the core job of assessing quality and not to worry about the initial assessments, data compilation, scheduling or the final report generation.

Mr.Akshit, VP HR Practo Technologies commented “Freshersworld as a team ensured we focus only on the core activity of hiring quality candidates and not worrying about initial assessment, campus coordination, logistics etc. This approach has helped us focus on our core function and get the best results”. Practo was able to offer 60+ candidates from 6 major cities across India. All it mattered was the quality, selling ability of the candidate and their culture fit to the organization. The entire recruitment process completed within a weeks’ time.

The assessment can be customized as per the requirement of the companies and a live Online Students Management tool will be provided so that the recruiter can even share the same with Senior Management / HR team in other locations for a live update and evaluation. Since the entire process is real time, transparency is assured. The remote monitoring system helps in saving a significant amount of time and efforts when compared to the physical offline execution of the event. Tata Chemicals Limited, Berger Paints, Odessa Technologies, ZS associates, Novell Software are some of the major companies that has already taken advantage of this tool.

How to minimize the time in each process and to have better productivity is what we are trying to provide for the recruiters and to the Industry.

If you would like to go for an On-campus / Off-campus hiring please feel to connect with our Head- Campus Relations  via or 09037-156-256

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