2019, the year that passed by, brought in the change, change at a 14-year-old company! The winds of change blew from all directions and we now have re-invented ourselves in a whole new way, embracing – technology advancements, management, product portfolio, relocating to a newly built office, acquiring key clients – Vedantu, Infosys among many others and most importantly, our parent company TeamLease. We are now known as TeamLease e-hire Pvt Ltd (Formerly Cassius Technologies Pvt Ltd). It’s a holding company of our TOP Brands & Products viz., freshersworld.com & teamlease.com.

We now have a wide range of products to offer to the recruitment & staffing industry:

1.       Freshersworld.com

2.       Teamlease.com

3.       Apprentices.in

4.       MyTeamLease.com – an ATS


More than anything else, 2019 saw a change of guard, wherein Joby, Founder, CEO of Cassius Technologies AKA Freshersworld handed over the baton to the new Business Head, CEO – Kaushik Banerjee. We grew from being about a 100 odd to 180 strong team during 2019. With an amazing mix of old and new management, we worked up some wonders – some brilliant product launches, social media blitzkrieg, technology upgrades, BIG ticket clients, exciting collaborations, increase in offline events from a couple to close to a dozen, new initiatives, and many more!

We moved to a newly built office in Koramangala, which had beautiful employee-centric facilities. Employee engagement, welfare & benefits have been a high priority. With 2019, we have a 100% integration and centralization of Freshersworld aka Cassius Technologies into Teamlease, and now we are known as TeamLease e-hire Pvt Ltd. We have, from time to time announced Spot Recognition awards initiated by Kaushik, The CEO and Quarter on Quarter recognize the performers, under what we call FAB Awards. We also believe that our employees are our best ambassadors, and as an employee engagement activity, we started the Social Animal Campaign, encouraging our internal employees to actively participate, evangelize and promote the organization, its activities, and job postings. This has helped us garner some growth on social media.


Talking about Social Media Blitzkrieg, we are one of those aggressive players who believe in organic growth. We reached 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube, duly honored by YouTube with a Golden Play Button Plaque, an important milestone in Feb 2019. Since the time we restarted and over the period of time in 2019, we added close to 3000 followers on twitter about 30% growth on lifetime followers till then. We have some major industry leaders and organizations following us on twitter and we have got some appreciations from Authors and Writers for the kind of research & due diligence we do.

  • Youtube: 1.39 Million Subscribers – Awarded Gold Play Button on reaching 1 Million Subscribers in 2019. Total 1.39 Added 4 Lakh subscribers in 2019 about 40% of its lifetime subscribers.
  • Linkedin: 38k Followers
  • Twitter: added 3000 Followers in 2019
  • Facebook: 8.41 Lakh Followers
  • Instagram: 15k Followers

Being the number 1 portal for entry-level job seekers year on year is something we are immensely proud of! Why not brag, when you have the rights?! We have done some technological upgradations to support our huge pool of profiles. Freshersworld.com has 17 million profiles while our new product teamlease.com, which is in the nascent stage already has 2 million profiles. Together Freshersworld and Teamlease.com portals have about 7 million pool of 1-year active profiles.


Product Launches:

TeamLease.com – Envisioned to be number one job portal for Blue and grey collared jobs, we have 2 million pool of profiles of FOS, Delivery Boys, Drivers, Plumbers, Electricians, Technicians, House Keepers, etc.

ATS – MyTeamLease.com – This is a homegrown Application Tracking System, with a recent 2.0 version release and market-ready. Close to 1500 recruiters are actively using this application to date. We’d also look to add some features to make it a complete HRMS system over the next 1 year, payroll, AI & ML, and Reimbursements being a few of the modules where the work is in progress.

 Apprentices.in – Partners with Skill India, we have launched apprentices.in, the portal for apprentice jobs. Most of the Government apprentice jobs get listed here along with those from the private world for trainee and apprentice requirements.

POCs – We have also taken up some exciting POCs for product development catering to Recruitment & Staffing industry. Already upbeat, to talk about at the earliest!

App & Website Launch – Other key launches were Teamlease.com mobile app & Teamleaseehire.com website.

Technology Upgrades & Integrations:

  • We now have robust search capabilities by updating from v2.x to v7.x of Elastic Search.
  • MySQL upgrade
  • SVN to GitLab
  •  IVR Integration for smoother candidate experience.
  • Whatsapp business support
  • Teamlease.com is the first job portal to launch services in 8 regional languages, catering to the blue and grey color job seekers.
  • Freshersworld.com is the only Indian Job portal integrated with ALEXA. You can just say “Alexa open freshersworld.com” or “Alexa find python Jobs on freshersworld”! Always forefront in terms of adapting to some cool technology.
  • We are also listed in Alexa for website rankings.
  • Teamlease.com and freshersworld.com both enable the job seekers and the recruiters to do hyperlocal selections and searches respectively.

We saw some marquee clients getting added to our portfolio for the first time and were prime revenue drivers:

  •  Vedantu
  •  Infosys
  • Swiggy
  • Uber
  •  NTT Data

New Initiatives & collaborations:

We were high on new initiatives, breaking into some sought after services like Power Resume, English Language Test, Coding Platform, Hackathon, More number of Job Fairs, and Events.

 Power Resume – This is a resume writing service, how we are different from others here is, we have some experts we have collaborated with, who come up with resume which is Job portal parsing ready and ensure the right kind of jargon is used, apart from that we present some great infographics depicting skills, achievements, and numbers. Which makes the resume a standout performer by itself!

Free English test – TeamLease Limited has entered into an MoU with the British Council and English Score, where they provide Free English Language Test to our Candidates.

Coding Platform – We have an indigenous, coding platform that is highly customizable and scalable and supports a wide range of Programming languages including Front-End and Data Sciences. This has been one of our exciting collaborations of the year with WeCP. Through this product we have acquired one of the Key Client – Infosys and are supporting them across geographies, to evaluate coding skills of the talent who takes this test.

Hackathon – we started hackathon, thanks to our robust coding platforms, we did a pilot in the month of February testing close to 3000 test-takers in Bengaluru and we have come up with our maiden Hackathon event called “Code Manthan” designed to create a huge pool of talent which can code and be productive from day 1.

Job Fairs & Events – This is nothing new for freshersworld, however, we have changed the way we conduct this. We pool in multiple clients, mostly diversified and do city-based Job Fairs which have been highly successful. We have successfully conducted half a dozen job fairs in 2019.

All in all, 2019 was electrifying and a lot of action! We look forward to 2020 to complete some unfinished jobs and exponential growth, we believe 2019, was more of sowing the seed and 2020 is all about harvesting it!

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