What To Do When You Are Fired

1. Grieve

It’s totally okay to be sad. Let it out. Do not worry about it. Its not the end of the world, or that company wasnt your dream job. You have better things coming your way, we are sure about that. It is going to be hard for a few days until you learn to get over the emotion and be fine and good and you will be stronger than ever! 

But only for a limited time. After a couple of days, you’ve got to face the outside world again.

2. Don’t Compare and Despair

Stop comparing yourself to different people or colleagues because comparing yourself to other people is not the way to go. You are overthinking it. The whole point is to make yourself happy and better. So, go on, learn a course or two and start applying for better jobs because you deserve the best, at the end of the day!

Take a social media breather for a while. Stop thinking about what everyone else is doing, and just focus on you.

3. Reframe the Situation

Turn your job loss into an opportunity. Look at different people who lost their jobs and started something new and became the millionaires of this generation. It’s all in your head. Motivate yourself by reading stories of success stories and this way, you should get over the grieving of your job loss.

Motivation will get you anywhere. Think of the end game and what you want to be. Success will follow by.

4. Understand What Went Wrong

 The question is, how aware are you of your shortcomings? Do your best to identify them and avoid carrying them over to what lies ahead.

Start by re-reading all your employer reviews. Make note of the things you were praised for doing—you’ll want to take those with you to your next role. Consider too the development suggestions. What are they telling you? How could you have improved your performance?

5. Have Difficult Conversations

Reach out to trustworthy former colleagues and request honest feedback. When they share their thoughts, listen. Don’t argue, debate, or contradict. Don’t defend yourself or blame someone else. Simply pay attention. Although this is a challenging exercise, it will serve you, and your career, well.

6. Plan of action

Once you get feedback from your peers, figure out what you can do to improve performance issues you want to work on. Is there a class you can take to build a skill? Books you can read to help you deal more effectively with others? Podcasts or videos that will help untangle the issues that stymied you? Do you need coaching in a certain area, such as time management?

Using difficult feedback to get back into a learning mode will boost your confidence as it shifts your focus from your loss to planning your next win.

Getting fired is a disruptive life event. But, it will open doors and lead to great and unexpected opportunities. Life is full of ups and downs and we are sure you will get over this phase and come out happier!

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