IIIT-B Mailer campaign to increase 2013 M.Tech Registerations

IIIT-B had difficulty in receiving enrolled application forms for their M.Tech programme. 150 seats were available for their M.Tech programme and the goal was to receive enough applicant pool to fill the available seats for 2013-15 batch.

The Solution:

Application forms were made available by IIIT-B. The interested students had to download the application forms from the website link of IIT-B. We proposed to do a mailer campaign through our platform to all the interested students planning to do an M.Tech programme and the students who participated in GATE-2013.

• A mailer template was framed with a proper content inviting the students to apply for the M.Tech programme
• The sent mailer had the link to download the application forms
• The mailer template was HTML-ized
• A total of 75876 mails were sent on 19th & 22nd March 2013 with the subject line as “M.Tech. Admissions – Message from the IIITB Director”.


The campaign was a huge success with impressive results.
• 7235 students opened the sent mail
• 6035 students downloaded the application form
• Achieved the targeted registrations

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