How To Fight Depression & Stress For Students During Quarantine?

Let me tell you something. Colleges churn you and rip you out of your beautiful comfort zone. You’re finding it hard to make friends. You’re worrying about assignments. Your anxiety keeps increasing because you messed up your examinations. You are trapped in this dilemma of stress – a concept that won’t do you any good if taken in the wrong sense

The best way to overcome stress is to accept and acknowledge the fact that you really are feeling that particular way. Because every person in this world has gone through stress at some phase of their life and it’s inevitable. But hey, I hope you know there are ways to minimize the amount of stress you take – big or small.

The common reasons why students get stressed are listed here –

  • You aren’t getting selected for placements even though you’re doing a perfect job in your interviews.
  • Your parents have so much expectation for you and you’re feeling stressed out because things aren’t going right on your side anyway.
  • You don’t get the results you expected for your final exams and fail at certain subjects even though you tried your best to ace it.
  • You have 36 + assignments and they’re all due tomorrow. And you already know that you’re going to lose half your internal marks if you don’t complete them on time.

So, in a sentence, stress is defined as our body’s defense mechanism. Once you feel stressed, the body prepares you to do either of the two actions – FIGHT OR FLIGHT. You can either fight your problems or fly away from it which eventually would make you a frequent flyer (you really don’t wanna go there), but yeah it all depends on yourself!

But as you know it, we aren’t here to be quitters. And you also know you can’t be running away from your problems whenever stress occurs. 

So let us give you some tips on how you can handle stress in the best possible way  –

  • FIND A JOB BY AGE 22 OR YOU ARE DOOMED? – Parents want us to find a job as soon as we complete our graduation and if you don’t, they get agitated and we begin to feel stressed out. But what you have to know is – take your sweet time, figure out what you love the most and then start working towards that. Trust us, you are going to be so happy that you didn’t settle for that IT job your parents wanted you to get. Instead, you were patient and found a job you’re genuinely interested in. Age doesn’t matter and there’s no need for you to feel stressed about it. 
  • ARE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS OVERPOWERING YOUR MIND? Negative thoughts induce stress. When things don’t go your way, you tend to overthink and be negative, but it’s normal. Just try your best to not let your thoughts control you. Teach yourself to think positive at all times, especially when you’re overthinking about irrelevant things. In this way, you dispose of all your negative thoughts and you learn to be a happier person, overall.
  • COMBAT AND AVOID FUTURE STRESS You must understand the fact that it’s okay to talk about your issues to your friends and family members, for you already know that they aren’t going to judge you for the world. Never hesitate to ask them for help. Everybody responds to emotions in different ways.

 Honestly, it’s not about the stress that you go through that matters, but it’s all about how you’re responding to stress, whether you take it in a positive or a negative outlook. If your mindset is sound, you will definitely make it till the end.

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