Congratulations! Rajeesh for completing 5 years with

Guys, it’s time party time here at, as one of our team members, Rajeesh completes 5 years in the company today.

Our CEO, Joby presented a flower bouquet  and a certificate of appreciation to Rajeesh for his dedication and hard work in the company.

Joby preseting flower bouquet to Rajeesh

Joby congratulating Rajeesh

Team having fun

Rajeesh is an expert with Web Technologies and handles web development and design. He also acts as a bridge between the technical and marketing team, understanding the needs of customers and translating them into technical solutions.

Rajeesh is Mr. Dependable at and you can rely on him to get any help. His favourite line is: “Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.”

We are always on a lookout for new employees who are self driven and have strength of character. Working at Freshersworld is all about fun. Our culture is to provide a right balance between fun and work.We heartily enjoy partying, celebrating festivals, and office outings.

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