Being Prepared!

Close to your placement season and about to face the interview sessions from top MNCs? then lot of questions arise. Do the Interviewer ask me about aptitude questions or about my degree background? or even a logic breaker? 

Let’s understand this process and cut it down into pieces for preparation and crack it on the big day

1. What kind of questions an interviewer would ask?

You can always first check the pattern of the interviewer or the organization. Most organizations may change the medium of asking you a question like virtual or direct but they don’t tend to change the pattern of their questions. So being prepared with their previous year’s papers will definitely help especially if you are attending campus interviews
You can always check previous year placement papers of top MNCs here

2. Grooming Tips:

Though a new trend of videos shows up like a casual wear student who has a great attitude to crack an interview, this just stays back for videos. Interviewers just don’t bother about a minute’s sake. They always see the upcoming individual will be a representative of their organization so always expected dress code will be formals.Have formal wear and rest of the tips you don’t mind of the tips which keep running on different platforms as you cannot be that perfect to maintain everything every second. Just be formal and have an official conversation without going much into personal and give your best. 

3. Coding Quick Guide:

Just don’t attend coding rounds with your college lab knowledge. Especially when you are about to attend a campus interview. Try participating in hackathon challenges or coding contest which has huge prize money or offering an Internship opportunity. These especially open up a big door for you. As most of the coding hackathon platforms and MNC Organizations using a third party to conduct your campus interview would be the same. So almost you can understand their pattern of questions which they may ask you to code on the big day.

4. Aptitude and HR Round:

Most of the traditional rounds are not as complex as they look. But sometimes they will act as a filter to remove hundreds of candidates at a time where if you are not prepared for this round, though you can excel in your core coding round you won’t be getting an opportunity to attend as you would go rejected in these traditional rounds. HR Round is the most important round for all job seekers. Asking them all the questions you have is a must and overreacting also may go misfire so neutral behavior is always advisable in this round.Here are a few tips for you: Click here

5. Right resume

Never modify resume templates especially when you are going for campus interview. HR can easily find such copies if you and your friend has the same pointers mentioned on the resume. Have some points on your resume that are been mentioned on the company’s Job description. This is a hint tip to have more attention among the HRs
Here are the Resume Tips for you: Click here

So always be prepared for Interviews will remove all your tensions on the big day and when you know what is about to come, For sure you can always crack it! All the best for your placement season.

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