A Quest To Make India 100% Employed! (JobForAll)

The thing about determination is that it is contagious.


From the time freshersworld.com announced the launch of Resume Box initiative and The #Jobforall campaign, it has been an adrenaline rush for all involved. The article being featured on The Financial Express was just the positive note we needed for the determination to spread.

Freshersworld.com has been helping freshers find their first dream job out of college for the past 5 years and it been a journey filled with challenges. Today, India is moving towards a well diversified job scenario for all. The “Job for All” market or the market which does not come under the “while collar” scheme of affairs is thriving and it has very good job opportunity for freshers.

5 Locations. Unlimited Reactions.

We always knew that making people agree to put a box in-front of their shops will be an uphill task. With the busy market places in Bangalore, every one is trying to get their own piece of publicity and sharing it with a different company is mostly out of question.

Also, placing the box on trees is impossible without the support of the local authorities. So, we decided to slog it out to find the best place for our resume boxes. I am glad that we met many good Samaritans in the journey who gracefully agreed to do it.

One particular person who comes to my mind is the momo vendor in-front of Nilgiris in Brigade Road.

I went up to him to ask his permission to put the box. He agreed immediately after listening to the purpose of the initiative but told me Saab (Sir in Hindi), I am just a worker. I have no issues with this. I appreciate your initiative but, please confirm with the owner (He said in Hindi with a slight slang of Odiya language). I called the owner and she too gladly agreed to place it. While leaving he said to me “Saab, what kind of jobs do you provide?” (This time in impeccable English) I looked at him with deep respect as I informed him about our job portal.

It is people like him who have the skills but don’t have the right opportunity that we are trying to help with this initiative. His approval of the idea is something that has stuck with me. As, he is the epitome of a social issue that we are trying to solve. A BCom graduate who could have had a better life but couldn’t because of shortage of jobs or because of the unavailability of a solution to finding the right job. Our portal will help them get online. I would one day like him to stand at the other end of the momo shop ordering a nice steaming hot plate of momos for himself.

JobForAll goes beyond educational barriers. #JobForAll is a concept that anyone can work in any place as long as they have the skill for it or are able to develop it. I have seen Btech grads taking sales call in my tenure at Flipkart.com and Mtech guys doing marketing at another job I had earlier. So, all that we are saying is that each job has its own respect and it is people’s decision to make it sound or look good or bad. We have gone for the earlier option and “Job For all” is our way of shunning the stigma. I would request you all to share this with your network and spread the word to people who would actually be able to help such job seekers.

PS- The guy from the momo store called me today. He said with great enthusiasm that around 100 people have already put their resumes in the boxes. (in one day!).

This is how we are trying to make a difference. How about you?

Please share this to the max and help us in our quest to make India 100% employed!


Arjun Karath
Sr. Marketing Manager
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