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Why Companies should not conduct open walk-in?

“Walk-In Drives”- The moment I hear this phrase, the first thing I think of is a long queue of students waiting for the interview, resume in hand. To make matters worse, there are some of them, exhausted from the waiting, sitting under the shade of a tree, dupattas on their heads to protect themselves from the heat of the day.

Enough of a reason to avoid walk-in drives? Here are some more-

Walk-in drives are queue systems where the person who comes first will be served first, but the eligibility factor is missing there. It may happen that the people who have come first don’t even match the cut-off percentage.

In India, a walk-in drive is attended by more than 500 people, and hardly 100 would be screened a day.

Walk-in drives may have the advantage of bringing the pool of talent at one convenient location, but what about the pool being screened? Shouldn’t they be treated in a better way?

Companies like Alcatel-Lucent strive to ensure that they try and build their brand as employers by making candidates comfortable while they wait, with a couple of cookies and juice for each of them. Doesn’t sound like much? Well, keep in mind that this is for 500 to 1000 candidates- that’s a lot of cookies and juice. Now at the same time, there is the flip side of the coin as well where candidates may be made to wait in long queues for hours on end under the hot sun and the end of it, the registration may also close due to excess number of candidates.

Now that you’ve read so much about the disadvantages of walk-in drives, you might be wondering- “Is there an alternative then? Can the interview screening process be organized in a better way by conducting a well-planned off-campus drives than a walk-in drive?” At, we use a proven solution by sending call letters to all eligible candidates and scheduling their interviews in batches. In this way, we get a well-managed crowd while at the same time ensuring that nobody is caused any inconvenience in the process.

So in case you were thinking of conducting a walk-in drive in the near future, look no further, we at would be glad to do it for you.

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