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Student Competitions – A Way to Hire the Best and Spur Innovation!!

competitionIn today’s dynamic work environment the pressure on the staffing team have increased. There is always the requirement of high quality students who can be nurtured and retained. Old hunting grounds like campus recruitment, walk-in interviews and exhibitions are being abandoned for alternatives like student competitions.

This is not just the academic credentials or the intellectual capability of the students but also their quick thing thinking, dexterity and innovative nature. Inter and Intra University and college challenges pose to be the breeding ground of champs. A robotics competition in an IIT or REC, or a debate at an IIM or an ISB can yield some spectacular results. Sometimes gifted students with passion and quick turnaround action maybe missed during the interview process. Events like extempore speeches or debates can be the perfect equivalent of a GD during one of the placement rounds.

So we see a new trend being followed in the industry. Student Competitions are on Hype. We see Indian origin companies like TCS following the trend. TCS had a contest which was open to Engineering students of India. It was named as TCS Code Vita, a national level programming contest. The aim of the programme was to bring out the best from students and institutes across India.

The competitions help the corporates to find the talent who are curious about technology, serious about getting a job. So it is a way to gauge the student interests. The employers are screening the students indirectly. Another great advantage of hiring post observation at student competitions is that you can check out the possibilities before the rest of the MNCs gobble them up during campus placement. A summer internship can be an avenue for a grooming sessions and testing their skillsets. Competitions are a great one as it’s the perfect place to see the young guns charged up and delivering the best. This will make the filtering process much less complicated, as a level will already be weeded out. Be it a photography competition, a science fair, quiz competition or a debate, one can get an insight into students potential. So good luck and happy headhunting with the right competitive spirit in mind! had the opportunity to work with clients like TCS, National Instruments and Quest to promote their student competitions. So if you have a contest to spur innovation or solve your business problems, we can be the media partner for making it viral. Get connected

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