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Is the year 2013 going to be a great year for graduates?

A mixed feel in the market when it is concerned with recruitment 2013. The $100 billion IT industry is expected to meet the lower end. Campus hiring 2013 is going to be lower than 2012. The news shouldn’t surprise as because the big companies such as Infosys have been delaying joining dates of new hires in the past confirming that all is not well in India’s much admired IT sector (Read: Infosys deffering Hiring Plans)
TCS, India’s biggest IT software services exporter, plans to hire 25,000 freshers in 2013-14 against 60,000 freshers in 2012-13. That’s a drop of nearly 60 percent in a year’s time. (Read: TCS hiring plan for next year)

But hiring activities would be prominent in the FMCG and jewelry industry. According to the survey done by, the country’s net employment outlook, an indicator of recruitment intention, rose by two percentage points to +41 percent in January-March quarter reflecting a positive environment for job seekers.

It is being reported that around 25 percent of full-year recruitment will happen in first half of the quarter and it will be focused on functions like retail and distribution sales, and roles in digital marketing and their enterprise business. Our premium client Aditya Birla Retail plans to create around 2000 job openings in the financial year 2013-14, an increase of 22 percent from last year.

In most parts of India recruitment process2012 has been weak compared to 2011. It is likely that the trend will continue in 2013. Unless the New Year shows miracles and promises early on the trend shall continue. Placements have already started from companies like TCS, MuSigma and Accenture. So let us hope that several companies will follow the trend and the recruitment activities in India will show a positive trend.

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