5 types of friends you make in college

1) The talkative friend


He/she just does not seem to shut up. They go on blabbering something or the other, which is not concerned with you and something, you are genuinely, not interested. The talking does not end there. Telephones have basically ruined your life, if you are in the company of such a person. It seems that they are born to talk.

2) The gossip queen


She is the person who gossips a lot. Being your friend, you know more secrets than most of the students do. You have heard secrets about people, you don’t even talk to. All groups have at-least one such personality, a girl, in most cases, who loves and thrives on extracting information from others and then, gossiping about it. Some things are just to be kept private but unfortunately the gossip queen simply does not understand this simple rule.

3) The troublemaker


Life is no fun, if nobody breaks the rules- that’s how a troublemaker seems to think. In your college, among your friends, there is likely to be one troublemaker, who makes fun of others, but more often, entertains others by his quick wit or actions. The actions may be as naive as say making a high pitched whistle amidst a silent class to playing practical pranks. You don’t like this guy! Why would you? Didn’t he play a prank on you last week? But think about it. Won’t college life be dull, without him, on your side. Life’s fun when you add a little zest to it!

4) The person who gets bullied


Most of us have a friend who is shy, physically and mentally weak and who is often bullied. Most of the class goons pick on him and he is sometimes, the laughing stock of the entire class. He does not have the confidence to defend himself nor is he capable of doing so. You always protect him and wish him well.

5) The player


You would have a friend who is a sort of a player or a lady’s man. He would presumably wear rich clothes, arrive in college in his own car or an expensive motorbike. He loves to show off and may be a hunk. He probably exercises regularly and his muscles are pumped. He is the type of guy, we know girls love. He is smooth and confident in himself. He always has money and is always ready to spend them. He is the type of friend, your girlfriend wishes you to become. Now, that’s annoying isn’t it? He lives as if there is no tomorrow, a life with no regrets!

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