1)      There are no girls in the class and the sex ratio is worse than the sex ratio of Haryana – You know the scene in a typical engineering college: most of the students are guys!

16 things An Engineer would identify with


2)      There are more exams than there are days in a month- You seem to be constantly giving exams. And yes, how can we forget the surprise tests? It seems that the reason you come to college is to give exams.

16 things An Engineer would identify with


3)      The word back means something else than you actually imagined- If you are thinking that it’s about getting failed, you may be mistakes. Although it is important not to get a back, it is even more important to ensure that you have a ‘back’. It stands for backup of people when a bunch of people are ready to beat you up.



4)      You learn strong values like begging for marks, treating teachers with respect and lobbying with assistant professors- You may be making fun of them when you are in canteen, but you need to respect them. They control your marks and your future, naturally.


5) There isn’t a girl in the mechanical engineering building- Its all blokes. You are screwed, if you were hoping to see gals


6)      All students from core branches purchase projects from same shop and none of them have an idea on how it actually functions



7)      Vivas are very similar to court room scenes- The teacher knows you have not studied, you know you have not studied, yet you manage to get past it by bluffing



8)      If you are a boy, then you would have probably received at least three death threats because you were talking to a girl


9)      If you are a girl, you would have had at least 5 boys asking for your phone number, to whom, you do not want to give your phone number.



10)      When you come to college, you hate alcohol, by the time you leave college; you cannot live your life without it. How else would you blow off the stress huh?



11)  If you happen to live in a boy’s hostel, the only music you would hear is that of pink Floyd- Moreover, you are always high


12)      If you happen to live in a girl’s hostel, you will always be clicking photos and uploading them on social networking sites.



13)      Your attendance heads south every year and by the last year, it hits the single digit number.


14)      You don’t find time to read a single newspaper page, but before the day of the exam, you can read a 400 page book in 3 hours.


15)      There’s always a nerd who tells people to study for a topic, just before the exam and the topic is asked in the exam. Wow that was really lucky. You need to thank that guy like this



16)      Exams are the best time to show much we care for each other- Co-operation and understanding is even evident between people, who normally would not even talk to each other!


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