How to survive in a corporate world as fresher?

Be punctual

A fresher needs to be always on time to office which creates a good impression. This also shows that you are serious about the job. Your boss should not be waiting for you to arrive.

Be well dressed

Looking handsome or beautiful is not required but you should look presentable and well dressed. There is a quote ‘first impression is the last impression’ so fresher should be clean and hygienic.

Get ready for a tough schedule

Your life as a fresher would change and fresher needs to be ready to face all challenges. You have to work for nine hours or more now, whereas you might also have assignments or workshops on weekends and your after hours too may be taken up by workplace stress.

Show respect

Show respect to all, young or seniors and maintain a respectable communication with all of them. But, you are here for career growth, not for making friends. You will meet all kinds of people, may it be good ones, bad ones or mean ones, still maintain cordial relations with all, instead of being over-friendly with anyone. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your friendship.

Develop multiple skills

Start developing multiple skills. The more expertise you have, the more facets you understand about a company’s operations, the more valuable you make yourself.

Be a team player

Learn to work in a team. Teamwork is the best way to be liked by all. Good coordination with all your teammates shows your team spirit skills. Participate in all team activities actively and give a hand where you can.

Develop a good network

Your first job is also about developing your connections. Be in touch with colleagues and even if you happen to leave the job, it makes sense to be in touch with colleagues and seniors.


Be proactive

Being proactive means thinking and acting ahead of anticipated events. It can also be extremely important for averting problems. To be proactive, start taking action, embracing your responsibility. By doing things such as anticipating your future and focusing on solutions instead of problems, you’ll maintain a happier and more proactive outlook.

Avoid gossips

You will hear stories and rumors but never add one from your end and you should not even spread these stories. Avoid gossips and gossipers tactfully. Always remember that talking too much on baseless topics distracts you from your work, so avoid talking too much in office. Save those gossips for after office hours.

Learn to meet deadlines

Deadlines are provided to complete a task at a specific time period. Respect deadlines and try to complete the given work in the specified time. This will show how responsible you are in your work.

Don’t take leave often

Unless and until there is an emergency, do not remain absent in office. When you are new in the workplace, remaining absent too frequently does not send a positive image of yourself.

Keep looking for challenges

Your first job should be full of challenges. If you find your regular job responsibilities to be dull, talk to your boss and request for more challenging work. The more demanding work you take up in your first job, the better success awaits you later.

Learn everything about your company

If you want to survive in the corporate world you should know about the company you are working for. Learn its way of functioning and its annual reports and policies. The more you learn about your company, the more you will feel connected with it.

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