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Singularity University- (An Initiative by NASA & GOOGLE)

Located in Silicon Valley

Founded in 2008

By Peter Diamandis & Ray Kurzweil

Singularity University is one of the most sought after initiative taken by worlds top Science & Tech giant  i.e  NASA & Google. Primary objective of this collaboration is to promote sustainable development by targeting areas which requires utmost attention such as water, energy, environment, education, food, poverty, security & health. Their emphasis is on designing solution for the greatest challenges humanity is facing today and in coming future. Besides the course offered, the institution helps you to think out of the box in an encouraging environment to push your limits. The wide range of academics subjects itself elaborates the vision of this startup. While the whole world is busy tracing the conventional path, they are challenging the usual norms of nature to optimize her own resources.

One can only imagine what changes, let’s say revolution can be brought by union of the two corporation. They are way ahead in future and already started making remarkable innovation for mankind. Let’s shed some light over their accomplishments.



Few of the projects in progress

  • Self-driving car

  • Google Fibre– To achieve 10 Gigabit speed

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How to apply:

To be a part of institution of such fame, you have to be detailed with the content but specific with your concepts. By now you must have realized that getting any closer to this institution needs a huge hardship & high level of intellect. I can only give you an overview of what can be done.

  • Must conduct a detailed research of vision, impact, areas, motive, projects, people related to Singularity University. Top notch of all the field like Steve Wozniak, co-founder of apple, astronaut Dan Barry are part of this institution. So be sure to have a detailed research.
  • Work on your application form, that’s your ticket. No point working on any other field if you mess up your application form.
  • Submit a short video to showcase your dream, traits, vision, passion. Be genuine.
  • Keep on trying. It’s not easy to get your application approved for the first time. Have patience and do not give up.

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