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Simple 5 Step Guide to Clear an Interview

Well, it’s time again for a new blog and from watching a couple of interviews, there’s one thing I have noticed- Not everybody gets an offer in their hands. In fact, out of the hundreds who attended the interview, it may finally be just about 10 people who finally get an offer in their hands. But what is it that sets these people apart from the remaining? What makes them so special? Here are a few simple tips to help you be one of those ten.

1. Understand First, Choose Later:
Before you go for any interview, what do you do? No, I’m not talking about saying your prayers, taking blessings from elders etc. The first thing you do is, decide whether you’re going to go for the interview or not. How do you do that? It’s simple; before you go for any interview, first do a bit of research about both the company as well as the job profile. Job not interesting or company not exactly what you were expecting? In that case, the answer is obvious; you don’t go. If you’re interested though, make sure you do everything you can to get the job, which brings me to tip number.

2. Be Prepared:
Any interview or test that you go for, preparation is of utmost importance. In case of interviews, you will need to practice a few papers based on aptitude, prepare well on the technical requirements (if it’s a technical job; if not, ignore this point) and most of all be ready to answer any kind of question the interviewers might ask you.

3. Presentation Counts:
Well this is one thing that I guess I need not mention in this platform but since it’s a complete list of tips, I couldn’t leave this one out. If you want to go out for lunch, would you choose a small time restaurant that looks like it could give you food poisoning or the restaurant that gives of the impression of a star hotel? Well, keeping costs aside, we all would agree that we’d choose the second one right? It’s the same situation in an interview as well. You need to ensure that you are dressed well, ensuring you are as presentable as possible.

4. Cheaters Never Prosper:
Now I’m not saying that you are going to walk in to an interview holding chits in your hand (remember those college days?). In this case, I’m talking about your resume. Your resume is a reflection of yourself as a professional. An interviewer can ask you about just anything that you have mentioned in it. So, if you have mentioned that you’re good at a certain skill but are not able to answer anything that is asked about it, it doesn’t really give you a very good impression with the interviewer. So be honest, put in the details about yourself but don’t try to add any kind of extra “flavoring” to increase your chances. It could end up hurting them instead.

5. Confidence is the key:
This is again another point that I probably need not have mentioned. Confidence is probably the most important factor in any interview because your confidence reflects your self-belief. In fact, you could probably say that it’s better to confidently say that you don’t know the answer to a question than to try and answer it without any kind of confidence.
So, that just about covers it- Understanding, Preparation, Presentation, Honesty and Confidence. These are the key factors that are going to decide whether you’re in or not. Keep them in mind and you can clear just about any interview you attend.

Well, that’s it for this time. Freshersworld, signing off.

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