Problems freshers face in their first job

Individuals in their student life must have had high dreams and aspirations about what kind of life and job they want to lead. But, when they come out of it and start working for an organization, they realize that things are not as smooth as they would like them to be. Irrespective of whether you are going to work for a start-up or a more structured organization, it is not fair on your part to expect to remain in your comfort zone and accomplish all your professional aspirations.


Common problems freshers face in the first few months of career and how to overcome them.


  • Lack of job satisfaction: Students upon joining their first job come to terms with the harsh realities of the world. Students aren’t satisfied with their job in the initial stage because of different reasons and decide to quit. But, that’s not the way out. Irrespective of the domain the candidate is working in, there will be some things about the job profile that you will not like. As a fresher, the candidate must make conscious efforts to identify the good things about the job and remind oneself about the same. This will help the person take up a positive approach to life.



  • Lack of technical knowledge: The candidate must have had very good scores throughout his/her student life but now that you are in the corporate world, you find yourself wondering how to get things done. Do not blame yourself for it. What you learned in college is just the theoretical details and the applications of the same in the real world begin only now. If you feel that you do not know about a particular thing, feel free to ask for help. Most organizations have mentors who are responsible for training freshers. Try to find out who your mentor is and approach them for guidance.


  • Lack of networking ability: Networking ability is one of the most important things to have a successful career but some freshers lack this ability. Freshers who are introvert find it difficult to effectively network with others. However, the earlier you learn this survival skill, the better corporate life will be to you. Make a conscious effort to greet people when you meet them and strike small talk whenever possible. Just because you were shy as a student does not mean that you cannot be an outgoing professional.



  • Difficulty in voicing your opinion: Voicing your opinion is important in the corporate world, but some freshers may face this issue. Many a time, they might feel that what they are doing is not correct or they might have better ways to get a job done. Due to their lack of experience in the field, they might have certain inhibitions about voicing their opinions. But, the only way to grow in your career is by having faith in your abilities and voicing the same.



  • Lack of appreciation: One does well in any field because they expect recognition. As fresher, you might be doing very good but still, you are not appreciated. That can clearly be somewhat discouraging. The solution to this is to understand that hard work doesn’t get unnoticed for long. It might get ignored the first time, the second time, but patience is the key.



  • Difficulty in adjusting to long working hours: In almost all the colleges, the class hours do not exceed 4 to 5 hours on an average. But, when it comes to the professional world, freshers are expected to work 9-10 hours per day. Often freshers find it difficult to adjust to such a schedule. To deal with this, the first thing that the candidates must do is to understand the fact that the joyful and careless days of your life are over and that you should work hard now. Once you have accepted that mentally, the rest is all easy.



  • Hesitant to ask questions: You might land a really good job but upon starting you realize that the work environment is excessively grave and professional. In such an environment, you find it difficult to ask questions about the fear of being judged. But, don’t worry. Everybody out there knows that you are a fresher. They are serious about their work but do not expect you to know everything. So, just be calm and concentrate on your own tasks.

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