How to prepare for GATE EXAMS?

How to prepare for GATE EXAMS?

GATE: Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering

After completion of GATE  looks like a really good option. With your GATE score two things can be done:

1. (for higher studies)

2. Jobs In PSUs like BHEL, GAIL, ONGC, NTPC etc.

If you want any of these you’ll have to score really good in GATE. So how to prepare for GATE? That is the good question. Well this preparation can be done both by students or those who are working in a firm. For those who are students I would suggest you to start preparing for it right away. It is a tough exam and asks your deep knowledge of the subject.

Here I am presenting some tips, which you can follow in order to prepare for GATE:

1. Clear your concepts:

You’ll have to clear your concept really well for GATE. Focus on the syllabus and find the relevant books for your preparation. If needed you can do a coaching for GATE.

2.Improve your aptitude:

Aptitude is a really important part of GATE or for that matter any of the exams.  Just take one topic for example ‘percentage and ratio ‘ solve about 20-30 questions in a day. It will take only 1 hr or less. The trick here is first start with level one and solve for all topics. Then start doing questions from level 2 difficulty. By that you will revise the formula and solve tough questions.

3.Prepare a timetable and follow it:

To succeed in this exam  you’ll have to make a timetable and work according it. Divide your time between subjects and topics. Hours of study depends on what is your concentration level and how fast  you grasp things.

4.Make notes:

While going through topics always make notes. They will help you in the end. Then you can easily just revise them before examination. Trick is sometimes we make notes but don’t like to read it. Try to make your notes attractive. This will take  a little bit of time but it will really help you.

5.Write formula at one place:

As you are making notes. For numerical. Write all the formula topic wise at one place. Stick them on the wall (yeah just like we used to do at school). But believe me this helps very much in order to memorize those formula.

6.Take test series and analyse every time:

Take mock tests conducted by the coaching centers like  Career Launcher or Freshersworld Online Test  . Opt any of them and take all the tests. When result comes analyse where you went wrong. What are those topics which you missed and those which needs attention. By doing for those 20-25 tests. You will be good to go for the test.

7.Last but not the least “DON’T GIVE UP”: 

We usually start with really enthusiasm, but after a while we start to lack it. That should be avoided. Do not give up on what want to do. To achieve more in life one has to do work hard at some point in their life. Make this time yours and prepare hard. 10-15 days before GATE, Relax yourself just go through your notes and formula. And get a good rank in GATE.

All the best!!

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