How to make your Internship Productive

Internship is a great way to develop you as a professional and learn how to do quality work. This would in turn benefit you in starting a dream career. Here are few easy ways to make your internship productive for yourself as well as the company.

Learn about your company: this is the first step to do before you go for an internship. Learn what they do, what service/product they sell, their history, their culture, current financial status etc. It won’t take much time. All you have to do is it to visit the company website.

The next step is to groom yourself. Make your appearance fit for the company. Nothing bad than hearing ‘don’t you have a razor at home?’ Or ‘don’t you know to iron your shirt’ on the first day of your internship. It’s almost like going for an interview except that this could continue for two months. So take care of your dressing. This would show that you are willing to make an effort to change.

Next best thing you could do is to take your internship as a real job. Your commitment shouldn’t depend on the payment they give you. Think it’s important for you as well as the company. If the company has to take you seriously you will have to take the opportunity also seriously.

Punctuality is another important point to be remembered, not only for interns but for everyone.  From being in office on time to meeting the deadlines, you will have to learn the art of time management. In case you feel you won’t be able to make it on time, give a heads up to your reporting boss so that an alteration is made.

Internship provides a great opportunity to build networks and create contacts. Now this could give you a lot of edge once you leave the college. You may not know from which number an opportunity would call. So try to mingle and build relationships.

Try to learn something new every day. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Think it’s a learning platform. Your doubts may be silly, but you are new to this world. This would show you are interested in the job and would like to learn more.

Be flexible with your role as an intern. Don’t hesitate to try something new. Who knows, you might feel something else more interesting than your current role. It also widens your opportunity for a job. So take initiative in trying new things under your mentor’s guidance.  Keep tabs on whatever you are doing. It would help you in future. Even to make a good report at the end.

Lastly, ask for the feedback from your mentor and even from others you have worked with. It would help you to understand your shortfalls and area for improvement. Let it be the paving stone for a successful career.

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