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Top Jobs That Allow You to Travel the World and Earn at the Same Time!

Avid travellers swear by these awesome jobs that allow you to travel the world. If you’re new to travelling and would like to do it more often without burning holes in your wallet, you should know there are scores of fun jobs that require international travel. The even better news for freshmen – there are jobs that require travel with no experience! There are travelling jobs hiring all year round. You just have to find the one that best suits you. The best part about jobs that allow you to travel the world is that you can earn while exploring awesome destinations. Wouldn’t you like to give it a try? Check out our list below of the most amazing jobs that allow you to travel the world.

Jobs That Allow You to Move Around the World:

We’re all aware of marketing jobs that travel the world. However, for first-time solo travellers, there are several entry level jobs that require travel. You can even book last minute flights and check out some really cool college majors that involve travel. Take a look at the best jobs that allow you to travel the world we’ve listed below.

  1. Flight Attendant

This is among the most popular jobs that allow you to move around the world. You will generally start out on domestic flights and over the course of time be allowed on international flights. What could be more fun than flying on first-rate aircraft to different parts of the world! You can schedule a day just to sight see and shop at a new location in between layovers.

  1. International Aid Worker

If travelling for a cause is your thing, then there can be no better job than this for you. There are several organisations that offer income, lodging, and other facilities to aid workers. You will travel to various parts of the world and help out during unfortunate natural calamities or wars. It’s one of the best travelling jobs for couples who wish to give back to the world. This kind of experience will be invaluable on your resume.

  1. Customer Support

If you’re good at dealing with people over the phone, then this is among the best jobs that allow you to travel the world. A lot of companies now offer their employees the chance to work right from their homes. All you will need is your laptop and you can set up shop anywhere in the world. Answer customer queries whether you’re in Hawaii or the Bahamas. This is a great way to work while on the road.

  1. Teach English

This is one of the best and easiest jobs that allow you to travel the world! You don’t need to look for business class flights again and again to make trips. You just need to do it once. Pick a country that’s not very fluent in English and travel there. Take up a job as an English language instructor and sight-see while you teach. You can take a couple of legit courses that will certify you as an instructor.

  1. Au Pair

For those who are good with kids, this is among the top jobs that allow you to travel the world. While most prevalent in Europe, the rest of the world is also waking up to this concept. Many au pairs earn a bonus in addition to free lodging and food. Also, several families take the Au pairs on family vacations to exotic destinations so that they can help with the kids.

  1. Travel Writer

Are you into writing? Then this is among the most interesting jobs that allow you to travel the world. Travel to all types of places across the world. Experience new cultures, meet new people, taste different food, and grow as a person. Write down these experiences into a travel journal or a blog. Who knows, maybe your travel writing will inspire the wanderlust in other people across the world!

  1. Tour Guide

This can be among the most exciting jobs that allow you to travel the world. If you’ve decided to stay at a place for some time, you can take up a job as a tour guide. Learn about the famous places and attractions of the place so that you can effortlessly guide tourists around them. Be informed, this will require you to have good people skills in addition to expert knowledge about popular tourist attractions in a place.

  1. Ski or Surf Instructor

Do you love skiing? Would you rather surf? If you’re good at any of these adventure sports, you can take up a job as an instructor. You will need to be certified as one so make sure you do whatever course is necessary. Pick a great snow-laden place to become a ski instructor. You can find a job as a surfing instructor at many tropical paradises around the world.

  1. Import Business

This is among the most interesting jobs that allow you to travel the world. Importing foreign goods will earn you big bucks. However, it need not be a massive venture. You can just buy local handicrafts at cheap rates and sell them for twice or thrice that amount back home. For instance, if you’re booking international flight tickets for a trip to India, you can get some handmade items at cheap prices. Sell them for at a higher rate back home and make a big a profit.

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