Job Hunting Do’s and Don’ts for Fresh Graduates

Job Hunting Do’s

Include all work experience on your resume:  The purpose of a resume is to quickly communicate your qualifications for a job. The professional experience or work history section is one of a few key sections employers will look at to determine whether or not you might be a good fit. So it’s mandatory to include all work experience on your resume.

Research the company before submitting your application: When your job hunt, see if the company is really worth your time and think about what you can contribute to their success. This is also your first step in preparing yourself for an interview. By doing your research, you can confidently answer their questions.

Be Proactive: Take charge of your own career by becoming proactive, not reactive. Get to know and understand your audience. When you accomplish that, you will know what the expectation is. Then plan ahead to meet that expectation before being asked.

Be ready to work:  One of the issues managers who hire recent graduates face is that they spend a lot of time teaching them how to be employed: show up on time, dress the part, prepare for meetings, complete work by the deadline, collaborate, communicate, etc. It may seem basic, but if you’ve mastered these skills, you’ll start at the top of the class.

Tailor your resume to fit the job you’re applying for:  A generic resume and cover letter aren’t appealing. Also, keep them brief and to the point by highlighting why you’re a good match for the role. Companies can be swamped by responses to posted job hiring. So, your clear and direct application will more likely be appreciated by the hiring personnel.

Be Confident, But Humble:  Graduates are coming with a new perspective and learning. Employers need to see a person who is confident in their skills and abilities. However, employers also want to see a willingness to learn and grow. While demonstrating all the necessary qualifications of the job, a graduate needs to show the interviewer that they have the humility to ask questions. Both traits go hand in hand.

Reach out to the hiring & placement agencies: There are several companies who don’t recruit directly and use the hiring agencies. So, you can find a placement agency and submit your job profile.  Generally, these agencies work as mediators between organizations looking to recruit the right talents and the job seekers, who look for the right employment opportunity. Most of the placement agencies do not charge, but some placement agencies have some charges for their services.  Please be advised that there are many dodgy placement agencies in India, which take money from the fresher but do not give any call. So, be careful of such fake placement agencies


Job Hunting Don’ts

Don’t over-rely on just one acquaintance or job opening: Use a good, well-networked online portal to expand your chances.

Don’t be unrealistic about expectations on remuneration: This is the initial stage, so while you don’t have to sell yourself short, some homework on the industry-best practices would help you set a practical range of compensation.

Don’t disregard your personal networks such as family, friends and college peers: Their recommendations can help you get noticed and pass the early stage of your job hunt. If you don’t have great contacts by the time you graduate, try joining a networking event or seminars.

Don’t make discriminatory remarks in your application and interview: This can happen especially if you’re trying to get comfortable. Even an honest attempt at some humor to build rapport is a risk that could flag you with possible co-worker conflicts, so be mindful of how your words may be misconstrued.

Do not settle for the first available opening:  You have to be sure of your actual expectations and caliber along with the job description.

Don’t limit your job search: Don’t limit your search by only applying to positions that meet your exact criteria. Instead, having an open mind (remember, you won’t know exactly what the job entails until you interview) when reviewing the job ads will increase your applications and increase your chances of getting an interview. The more flexible you are, the more options you’ll have.

Don’t just look at the brand or the paycheck:  Also take into account the work culture, the role, the scope for growth, the possibility of industry networking, etc. when you apply for any position.

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