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How to get job in Marketing Field?

How to get job in Marketing Field? There many other forms of marketing which are subtle and work in the back-end such as mailers, newsletters, articles in newspaper and magazines, UI development, graphic designing etc. Anything which helps to reach out to the potential customers is called marketing. Starting your career with marketing can be […]

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Government job or private job?

Government job or private job? Confused ?? Well this is a very common question among freshers. Whether to go for government or Private Jobs?? There are pros and cons in both the jobs and that’s why it creates such confusion. We have seen that preference of many fresh graduates are government jobs today and reasons […]

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5 Cool Jobs To Do After B.Tech

Confused what to do after  Don’t worry haven’t you heard? In India, after 12th, first you  become Engineer then you become what you want to become. I have done a little bit of research to find out what you can do after your, which might suit your personality and which you would actually […]

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