9 Ways College Students Deal With Exam Stress

1) Bholenath Ki Jai (Praying to God)


Exams are very stressful and praying to God is one of the best ways Indian students deal with the exam stress. As a student, you have a favorite, mandir, which you go whenever you feel stressed. Exam is no different. Praying to god, gives you an inner sense of peace and gives you the confidence to deal with stress and face your fears.

2) Cry

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Its said that a girl’s cry moves a man’s heart. Well sure, but is also helps to relive stress. Crying is said to be ideal to remove any pain, grief or stress. Many girls cry before their exams, well, not necessarily in the exam hall.

3) The book worms

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These follow the traditional method of dealing with exam stress: to sit in the library for hours together and study. They reach and understand the concepts of every chapter, and thus, naturally are well prepared to deal with exams. Usually, there are more girls who follow this method, as opposed to boys.

4) Alcohol


Alcohol can be your best friend when you are dealing with stress. Grab a beer, call some friends and make merry. Surely, you should take some of the stress away, at least for a while. Besides, being drunk is fun!


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That’s right, you party animal! A lot of people like to party to deal with exam stress. Partying helps them to deal with stress better, and takes their mind off studies for a while. Parties usually mean booze, while also induces sleep, which is another exam stress buster.

6) Sleep

number 6

A few people love sleeping more than others. Sleeping, for such people is the ultimate pleasure, the ultimate solitude. Sleep for some is the gateway to happiness. And hey, you do not feel stressed out when you are happy. Some people sleep for 4-5 hours while others take a quick nap of an hour or two.

7) Eat

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Increase in stress and increase in the consumption of food is directly proportional. Food is one of the biggest stress busters. According to many researches carried out, students tend to eat a lot before and during their exams to deal with the increase in stress. Although this results in weight gain, food is one of the best ways to deal with stress for a lot of people

8) Jogging/Running- Like a BOSS

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Exercise is known to release certain hormones in your body, which are known to make you happy. Exercising is not only salubrious for the body, it also keeps you in great shape, thus, giving you self confidence. A fit body is home to a healthy mind, you follow this principle and exercise regularly. Running and jogging are some of the most preferred exercises, to deal with stress of exams.

9) Talk to your girlfriend/boyfriend

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Trust me, talking to your girlfriend/boyfriend will work wonders in mitigating your stress. The best way is to meet them, but if that’s not possible, you can simply call them.

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