9 types of professors you meet every day in your college life

1) The professors who were born to make your life miserable

College is no less than hell! There is no stopping them. They are determined to make your life, a living hell. Be in examinations, assignments or simply a normal question and answer round, they are strict martinets and expect everyone to be strict and disciplined. If you are not, then, you are in trouble. Watch out for these professors.



2)  The innovative ones

They go out their way to make the lectures, creative. They are bold and try everything ‘out of the box’ to make the session interesting and are keenly interested in helping you. They bring visual aids and practical lessons for you to learn faster. They will make sure that they give the best they can to the students!


3) The gullible professors

Surely, being a teacher’s pet has its advantages, especially when you have gullible teachers. Once you make a good impression, you can literally get away with anything from coming late to missing assignments. Students simply make up highly innovative excuses, which are accepted without any question.


4) The shy professors

Although a rarity, they do exist. Some professors are quite shy and do not like to talk too much beyond the subject, they are teaching. They would not respond properly when you ask them, a question. Their typical answer would be ‘Check out the text book’. Do not try to approach them with a doubt; it won’t help.



5) The Dumb ones

You wonder how these professors actually managed to get a job. They are non-innovative and cannot teach or understand the subject, they teach. They will advise you to  study hard because they do not want to teach you, owing to their own incapability. As a result, you, lose interest in the subject. Students generally jeer at such professors.


6) The witty ones

They are very smart and offer real life examples, while teaching. They will crack a joke, if they realize that they lost the class’s attention and usually, students will love them.  They smile a lot and are very friendly.



7) The fashion-conscious professors

Although you won’t expect most professors to look hot or cool, there are a few who love the way they look and maintain themselves properly. They eat right, wear makeup and wear good clothes.


8) The new agers

These are the professors who are in their late teens and have passed out of college a few years previously. They are usually more fun and are easy to talk owing to the fact that there is hardly any age difference between the students and the professors.


9) The old fashioned professors

The old fashioned professors stick to the rules. They do not want anything novel or new in the classroom as they do not believe in the modern ways of education. They will be boring but would expect you to be on your toes, whenever asked a question.




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